Love Friends Wallpaper now available for everyone!


Love Friends Wallpapers are now available for everyone!

Previously only available as gifts from previous months’ Kind Heart Club membership, these items will now also be available for everyone to buy!

We think this will give people, who may have not joined previous months’ Kind Heart Club in time for these item, a chance to get them while also support us in doing so!

We have discussed with all current Kind Heart Club members, and they all agreed with this decision. They wanted what best for Love Friends and more way to support us!

Future Kind Heart Club content might be available to buy as well, but only when they are no longer available as Kind Heart Club’s membership gifts.

“In the Field”




The wallpapers that will be available as of this blog post are the following:
– In the Field
– Christmas
– Spacewalk
– Picnic

You can buy them for the price of 5 EUR (or more if you so choose) in the “wallpaper” category of our Ko-fi shop!

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