Lilly forgot her makeup in the bathroom, causing her transphobic dad to find out that she’s transgender. He quickly rushed into Lilly’s room. Lilly immediately got scared and starts to fear for the worst, seeing how he had treated Hubert and one of their mom’s relative in a horrible way before, just because they’re transgender like her.

She quickly packed up all of her stuff in the backpack and quickly ran out of the house, wandering into the unknown. Lilly doesn’t know where she will go, or where she will ended up. But she knows it’s that or being stuck with her dad.

Ruby was chilling in the park in the evening by themself, and suddenly they saw what they thought was Hubert at first. It was Lilly, she thankfully ran into Ruby after a long day of walking. Lilly showed Ruby the picture of her and Hubert together when they were very young. Ruby immediately realized the situation and help her to find Hubert.

Now at the front door, with the help of Ruby, Lilly is very excited to see Hubert. Woken from a nap, Hubert slowly opens the door while clearing his eyes to see who it is. As soon as he realized, he is filled with many emotions at once. He’s happy to see her sister, and was surprised to know she’s transgender just like him. And he is proud that she stood up for herself and don’t put up with any bigotry and transphobia. They both hugged tightly afterwards with joy and relief.

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This is the 2nd part of a 3-part story of Lilly
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