After her brother, Hubert, had to leave the house to get away from their transphobic dad, Lilly is now the only one still with him.

One day, she decided to go into Hubert’s room. She found out a few things he left. One is as a bow that dad gave him when he was little, and another is an untouched notebook his dad bought for him on his recent birthday with his deadname on it.

Lilly never got a chance to play with something like this with how strict her dad is. But soon enough, she finally realizes what she really is. A girl!

She also instantly starts to panic remembering what dad had done to Hubert in the past. And how abusive he was towards her mom’s cousin and family. Just because both of them are transgender.

But seeing how Hubert stood up for himself, not letting anyone deny his identity, gives Lilly feelings that there’s hope. So quietly, while still being with this insufferable prick, she starts to explore herself bit by bit while being very cautious.

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This is the 1st part of a 3-part story of Lilly
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